Empowering the Dream Team with Team-One:  Open Collaboration with Guests

Cindy Batzli
Written by Cindy Batzli
on 10/03/2017

For most teams, the odds are pretty high that getting your work done requires collaborating with someone outside your organization. In fact, in a recent survey, 86%* of participants cited lack of coll...

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Collaboration Bingo

We’re sure you’ve already seen the Conference Call Bingo making its way through LinkedIn. We’re also certain conference calls aren’t the only workday headache you have to deal with. How about collabor...

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My Room: The Key to Team Collaboration

Joseph Harsch
Written by Joseph Harsch
on 03/01/2016

The Pareto Principle, or the more commonly known 80/20 rule, states that 80% of the benefit typically comes from 20% of the use cases. In the Unified Communications space, we refer to the 80/20 rule t...

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The Digital Office: So Many Cloud Apps, So Little Time

Holly Dowden
Written by Holly Dowden
on 11/24/2015

Most of us now have around 30 apps on our smartphone – and we’re spending about 65% more time using them than just two years ago. (Source: Neilson.) We’re also bringing these cloud apps to work, addin...

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