9 Reasons Why You'll Love BroadSoft Team-One

Team-One attended Connections 2017 and had the fortune to meet many power users as well as beginners. In our conversations, we got to learn what our users enjoyed about Team-One. We added our two cent...

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BroadSoft Team-One: The Integrated and Intelligent Way to Work

Tony Lopresti
Written by Tony Lopresti
on 10/24/2017

In 2017, BroadSoft Team-One is participating in Connections for the second time. It feels like Team-One was introduced to BroadSoft customers just yesterday! We sure have come a long way in the past 1...

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Building a Stronger Bridge Between You and Your Guests

With the rise of outsourcing and freelancing in today’s workplace, it’s hard to find a team that doesn’t include external contractors, agencies, outsourcers, or other third parties. In fact, most comp...

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Empowering the Dream Team with Team-One:  Open Collaboration with Guests

Cindy Batzli
Written by Cindy Batzli
on 10/03/2017

For most teams, the odds are pretty high that getting your work done requires collaborating with someone outside your organization. In fact, in a recent survey, 86%* of participants cited lack of coll...

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