Join Tony Lopresti, VP of BroadSoft Team Collaboration at Enterprise Connect to Discuss the Market Landscape of Team Collaboration

Tony Lopresti
Written by Tony Lopresti
on 03/25/2017

Team Collaboration “grew up” in the last 12 months. A market that was recently the domain of startups and point solutions is now being entered by some of the largest technology companies in the world....

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Enterprise Connect: Cloud Communications 2020 Panel - Zeus Kerravala and Mark Straton, VP Product Marketing and Influencer Relations at BroadSoft

Mark Straton
Written by Mark Straton
on 03/21/2017

I’m looking forward to a great and lively discussion on Cloud Communications 2020: Will Enterprise Go to UCaaS - and Beyond? as I present the BroadSoft approach to cloud communications and our view of...

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Bridging the Productivity Gap with BroadSoft Hub

Everything is going according to plan this morning. You made it to your gate and you have plenty of time to savour a double shot, extra foam, large cappuccino. And then your phone rings. Your boss is ...

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BroadSoft Business Chosen For Delivering Innovation Within the Enterprise Communications Industry

BroadSoft is thrilled to have been selected as a finalist for this year’s “Best of Enterprise Connect 2017” award for our BroadSoft Business portfolio of solutions. The “Best of Enterprise Connect” aw...

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