BroadSoft Team-One: The Integrated and Intelligent Way to Work

Tony Lopresti
Written by Tony Lopresti
on 10/24/2017

In 2017, BroadSoft Team-One is participating in Connections for the second time. It feels like Team-One was introduced to BroadSoft customers just yesterday! We sure have come a long way in the past 1...

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A Letter from the Job Creators in Your Backyard

(This letter first appeared in the Washington Business Journal on Feb 16, 2017. Republished here.) In 2015, the Khalife sisters were featured on the television show Shark Tank for the ingenuity of the...

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Enterprises are Embracing Cloud Communications and Here’s Why Your Business Should Too

At Connections—our premier industry event for cloud communications—we had another exceptional opportunity to gather collective insights and projections on the future of work from business communicatio...

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Millennial Game Changers and the Future of the Government Workplace

John Kostak
Written by John Kostak
on 06/14/2016

Current generations of digitally savvy students are set to change the game in bringing distinct competencies to the government workplace of the future. 

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