Mobility: Key Driver Behind Guest Satisfaction

Chris Davis
Written by Chris Davis
on 10/23/2017

According to an April 2017 Mintel tourism report, 74% of Americans took an overnight domestic leisure trip or vacation in the last 12 months, contributing to the estimated $944 billion spent on touris...

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How to Keep Hospitality First in a World of Changing Technology

Melinda Kinney
Written by Melinda Kinney
on 06/26/2017

Change. It's inevitable. Every day we see it, sometimes it's so small it's hard to notice other times it's glaringly obvious. Each and every one of us experience change every day, every minute, every ...

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We hope you had a pleasant and well-communicated stay- The future of communications in hospitality

Gone are the days when hospitality groups target a specific type of customer such as the business traveler or sun seekers enjoying an 1830’s holiday. Hotels have had to become a much more adaptable in...

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