Innovation Calls Strong This Fall

Over the last two months, those of us at BroadSoft have been witness to a flurry of activity. With our continued focus on end-user needs, BroadSoft announced the completion of two acquisitions and a n...

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Innovation is Calling

Written by waxingmedia on 03/09/2010

We called it right on LTE, back in November ‘09 – check out that post here…and this past month in Barcelona all the big players came on board. More than 40 mobile organizations announced their support...

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Working to Fulfill IMS's Promise

IMS has emerged as the industry’s leading architecture for next-generation networks. It has been adopted by the cable, wireline and wireless standards bodies as the reference architecture for all comm...

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Voice over LTE: VoLGA is Dead!

Written by waxingmedia on 11/19/2009

With a 10X increase in transmission speeds and a significantly lower cost per bit, Long-term Evolution (LTE) represents a tremendous opportunity for operators given the prospect of converting more tha...

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