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A Letter from the Job Creators in Your Backyard

(This letter first appeared in the Washington Business Journal on Feb 16, 2017. Republished here.) In 2015, the Khalife sisters were featured on the television show Shark Tank for the ingenuity of their now successful children’s learning toys startup. The two sisters now employ.. [ Read More ]

5 Things We Love When We Collaborate with Coworkers

As full-time employees, we spend most of our waking hours in the company of our coworkers. (Unless you work remotely, but you should still keep reading!) Enjoying positive working relationships has a direct impact not only on our job satisfaction, but on our overall satisfaction.. [ Read More ]

Avaya Chapter 11: Sun Sets on PBX, Rises on Cloud

If you’re an Avaya customer, you’re probably being bombarded with messages that the sky is falling in. I think we can all agree that while the prognosis for Avaya as a company is unclear, one thing is crystal clear: the on-premises PBX is on its way out.   [ Read More ]

Enterprises are Embracing Cloud Communications and Here’s Why Your Business Should Too

At Connections—our premier industry event for cloud communications—we had another exceptional opportunity to gather collective insights and projections on the future of work from business communications leaders from around the world.   [ Read More ]