Digital Business Transformation - It's a People Thing

Holly Dowden
Written by Holly Dowden
on 01/26/2017

According to Forbes, digital transformation is top of the agenda for executives across the globe in 2017. But what does “digital transformation” actually mean? At its simplest, we think of digital tra...

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New! BroadWorks Dashboard and Discovery Toolkit

Written by Michael Blauer on 12/06/2016

Communication usage data and it’s analysis are increasingly critical to both Service Providers and enterprise end-users. This is especially true with today’s Unified Communications (UC) services, whic...

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One Click Conference Call Entry? Yes You Can!

Picture this: you’re on the go, either in the car, on a train, or at an airport, and there’s a conference call that you just can’t afford to miss. So, you spend a few minutes fumbling in your bag for ...

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BroadSoft Hub: Bringing Contextual Intelligence to Communications

How many times have you spent the first ten minutes of a conference call frantically searching for the relevant slides? How often have you tried to send a document to a colleague but aren’t able to fi...

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