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Digital Business Transformation - It's a People Thing

According to Forbes, digital transformation is top of the agenda for executives across the globe in 2017. But what does “digital transformation” actually mean? At its simplest, we think of digital transformation as the use of new technology to improve performance of an.. [ Read More ]

Best Kept Secret in Cloud Communications (UCaaS)

When you pick up your desk phone you may know who the provider is that delivers the service, but do you know who provides the actual communications software? In the US, you’re likely familiar with providers such as Verizon, Comcast or AT&T In Canada, Bell Canada, Rogers or Shaw.. [ Read More ]

Rogers Communications help workers go mobile-first with BroadSoft

The increasingly mobile workforce is challenging businesses of all sizes to equip employees with the technologies, applications and devices to remain productive from any location and at any time.  [ Read More ]

5 Benefits of Being BroadWorks Certified

The VoIP and telecommunications industry is changing rapidly and staying current is crucial. In our last post, we announced four new courses specially designed to provide you in-depth expertise in a variety of solutions offered by BroadWorks. [ Read More ]