Are You at Full-Throttle? Power Up with the BroadSoft Community this October

To me, Unified Communications, at its core, speaks to this year’s BroadSoft Connections theme. I am so excited to introduce BroadSoft Connections 2014: Power Up with its focus on productivity.

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More Than Just Apps: Capturing the Demand for an App Lifestyle

Written by sandhare on 09/23/2011

Consumers have readily adopted hosted applications for unified communication. We believe a mobile application marketplace is no longer considered a fad, but a must-have platform for providing marketin...

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Trend Watch 2011

Are you always the last to hear office gossip? Always seem to stumble over what-seemed-to-be good ideas in business meetings? Do work associates make jokes about your tie (“it’s just too trendy for th...

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“Walking the Talk” with Developers

Written by sandhare on 06/21/2010

There Is No Better Time to be a Developer!

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