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We’ve posted several blogs on the what, why, when, and how of omnichannel and unified communications in the contact center. In this blog, we’ll look at a real contact center that integrated omnichannel and unified communications. We’ll examine the challenges and benefits experienced by MISS DIG 811, a free service in Michigan that safeguards utility facilities before excavation projects.

MISS DIG System Inc. was created by five major Michigan utility companies in an effort to reduce damage to underground facilities and to prevent injuries. When anyone is planning a project that requires digging, they submit a notification to MISS DIG 811 via a website or toll-free phone number, and MISS DIG 811 arranges for the utilities to send out crews to mark the locations of their facilities. They have received over 21 million requests since being established in the 1970s.

The Challenges of an Old Contact Center System

MISS DIG 811 faced a host of challenges with their old contact center system, including:

  • An old voice-only call center system
  • Callers being routed to the first available person, regardless of the caller’s need or agent’s knowledge
  • No way to know if transferred calls were going to be answered or end up in another queue or voice mail
  • No integration between their call center system and their CRM
  • A system that couldn’t differentiate between first-time callers and repeat callers

Faced with these challenges, MISS DIG 811’s local communications provider, Bullfrog, recommended BroadSoft Customer Journey Platform, formerly CC-One, and UC-One, so MISS DIG 811 installed the BroadSoft Business Suite.

Unified Contact Center Communications Brings Increased Agility, Collaboration and Productivity

MISS DIG 811 now has omnichannel communications and is no longer limited to just a voice channel – when they receive an excavation notification by phone or the web they can reply via email, chat, or phone, which makes their NSRs more productive.

When a MISS DIG 811 call needs an escalation, the NSRs can see which manager is available by their status, or “presence” and send a quick communication before transferring the call to make sure it will be picked up. This has eliminated the blind transfers that were occurring with their previous system. This is making their callers happier and saving the NSRs time and inconvenience, since they no longer have to guess who might be available to take the call.

With their old system, MISS DIG 811 management had limited remote access to assist NSRs or to see what was going on in the contact centers, which was a problem, since they are staffed 24/7. Now the managers use BroadSoft UC-One on their smartphones to stay connected. They are available on-demand to help and can see who is working, who is on a call, and who is available – even in the middle of the night.

Since the implementation, the MISS DIG 811 contact centers have taken 9% more notifications than they did for the same time period the previous year. They have been able to streamline their processes and improve productivity for both NSRs and the management team.

Cloud Contact Center Brings Intelligent Routing and Reduced Costs

Before the installation of BroadSoft CC-One, MISS DIG 811 was routing calls to the first person who was available. Now each caller is routed intelligently based on who they are. As a result, MISS DIG 811 has been able to go from one NSR job description to seven, something that was not possible with their old contact center system. When an experienced contractor calls, they are connected with an NSR who can give them a quick turn-around, while a first-time caller gets routed to an NSR who can take the time to provide the education that caller needs. Previously, the callers’ experience depended on who was available to take the call, now all callers receive a consistent user experience and consistent information based on their needs.

Another benefit MISS DIG 811 is getting from a cloud contact center is that their employees no longer need a phone on their desk to communicate. The savings from not having to rent phones anymore has resulted in an 83% annual savings.

CC-One’s Open Architecture Brings Better Customer Service and Analytics

MISS DIG 811’s old call recording system couldn’t be integrated with their Newtin ticket entry system, which serves as their CRM. But CC-One’s open architecture allows for comprehensive integration with other systems. MISS DIG 811 can now integrate their call center system with their ticket-entry software, so their NSRs can see data about the caller and any previous tickets they placed. This allows the NSR to respond to the caller more appropriately, meeting their needs “in-context” and providing them with a better customer experience.

Before, with the lack of integration between their call center systems, they had an intuition that first-time callers were inflating their time-on-call metrics, but their old system didn’t give them the data to back that up. With the addition of CC-One Analyzer, they can now match each customer interaction with their ticket entry system and know how long it takes to handle first-time callers versus repeat callers. This gives them the evidence they need to fund more tutorials and videos to educate their callers on process and safety.

Accomplishing their Mission

The MISS DIG 811 mission is to safeguard the public and promote utility damage prevention. Their old contact center system was a barrier to their vision of being an agile organization that handled excavation notifications by whatever means is most comfortable and convenient for their clients. With the installation of integrated, cloud-based, omnichannel and unified communications in their contact center, they are now poised for the future with a modern, reliable, and flexible solution.

To learn more about MISS DIG 811’s experience, view the video: MISS DIG 811 and Customer Journey Platform, formerly BroadSoft CC-One or read the complete case study.

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