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We’re living in a digital world. Which is why in order to compete and stay relevant, it is very important to have the right communications provider for your business. Legacy deployment models are no longer sufficient. Vendors who have embraced digital transformation are the right partners to be successful.

Digital Transformation is Closely Tied to your Communication Strategy

Digital transformation is causing business disruption resulting in organizations finding new ways of working. Customer service transformation and improving worker productivity are top digital initiatives – your communications platform plays a key role in both.

In this digital era, sustainable market leadership goes to the company that is the most agile and adaptable to change. Businesses need to make fast decisions, with the right people, regardless of their workplace location. Unified Communications (UC) technology is more business critical now than it ever has been. However, traditional on premises solutions can’t meet the needs of today’s emerging workforce. It’s time for organizations to rethink their communications strategy and leverage the benefits of the cloud.

Why Cloud, Why Now?

The cloud is a better model for agility, scale and economics. It eliminates many of the operational tasks associated with an on-premises solution plus there is little to no upfront hardware costs and the pay-as-you-go pricing model allows companies to “right size” as their business grows. Cloud-based Unified communications or UC as a service (UCaaS) is evolving very rapidly because it provides faster access to new features by providing key building blocks for digital transformation that enable greater business agility.

Cloud Value

The value proposition for cloud is strong across small and medium businesses and verticals. Most cloud providers have better security than their customers – so security should no longer be a concern. Now businesses can focus on their core competency. In the future, it will enable a number of artificial intelligence, contextual and predictive applications though machine learning and improved disaster recovery.

How to Evaluate UCaaS Providers?

By evaluating a few key critical aspects, business leaders can pick the right UCaaS provider. At a macro level, business leaders should evaluate the provider’s ability to provide a complete and complementary suite of cloud applications including unified communications, team collaboration and contact center functionality. Also, evaluating whether the solution is open and secure is very critical for ensuring success.

To learn more about choosing the right service provider, read the white paper by Zeus Kerravala.

Cloud Communications Success Depends on Choosing the Right Service Provider

About the Author

Arvind Rangarajan is currently director of product marketing at BroadSoft. Prior to joining the marketing team at BroadSoft, he has held several senior product marketing, product management and technology positions at various communications and collaboration companies in the industry and brings with him more than 20 years of experience.