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First things first: welcome to Team-One! We’re excited to have you onboard. If you’re brand new to Team-One, rest assured that it’s simple to use and before you know it, Team-One will be your single destination for managing all your work. Here are 5 tips for getting started so you can start collaborating like a master

Tip 1: Update Your Profile & Settings

• With every new account, a little customization can go a long way. Update your Profile by adding your picture and phone numbers so team members can see the real you and give you a call right in the app.

• Next, take a look at your Settings and decide what, when and how you want to get in-app and email notifications. The default is to get notifications for everything, so you won’t miss out on anything. You can change these at any time to make sure you only get the notifications you really need.

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Tip 2: Kick-off a Project

Got a new project you need to kick off, or need space for an existing one you’re already collaborating on? Create a Workspace for it in Team-One! It will serve as  home base for everything related to the project and you don’t have to worry about looking for your work all over the place. Thank goodness!

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Tip 3: Invite Team Members

Now that you have the Workspace created, you can invite members to the project so you can start collaborating. As the Workspace Owner you are also an Administrator. Simply enter a colleague’s email address to send them an invite and choose the correct permission level: administrator or member.

Don’t forget that external guests are welcome to join the Workspace too. Simply send them the Workspace link and they’ll have access to all the information shared. No need to worry about security, as they’ll only have access to the Workspace they were invited to, and nothing else.

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Tip 4: Let the Collaboration Games Begin!

Now that you've updated your Profile, created a Workspace, and added're all set to start collaborating away. Send chats with all workspace members using @all. Or, get the attention of a specific member using @username. Keep in mind that using the @ symbol drives email notifications so make sure to use it for important messages. Share relevant Files with a simple drag and drop or start delegating by creating and assigning Tasks to get that project completed.

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Tip 5: Don’t Forget About Your Personal Workload!

You can also use Team-One to keep yourself organized. Use your Personal Workspace for a consolidated view of all your activities in your Team-One account. Think of your Personal Workspace as your private office. Anything you post in your Personal Workspace remains private to you! Take Notes (yes, that means you can stop sending emails to yourself), create a to-do list by assigning yourself Tasks, or upload important Files for you to refer back to. It’s there just for you and no one else.  

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Ready to get started? Don’t deal with workflow madness any longer. Stop worrying about files all over the place and the headache of managing multiple apps to get your work done. Log-in to Team-One today so you can enjoy one app and one place for all your work. 

Also, we’re always here to help! Contact us at or refer to our Product Guide where you can get all the details on Team-One.

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