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It’s a big decision to move an on-premise call center to the cloud. Since contact centers are mission-critical to every business, it’s important not to take any chances.

To help companies determine if the cloud is right for their contact center and to understand what will be involved in the process, the Cisco Customer Journey Platform team has put together a four-part blog series to outline the “who,” “why,” “when,” and “how” of migrating a contact center to the cloud. We hope these blogs help you understand who should migrate to the cloud, the benefits of a cloud call center, when companies should make the move, and best practices for the evaluation and migration process.

Part One: Who Should Migrate Their Call Center to the Cloud - 16 Questions to Ask
In part one of the series, we explore the different types of companies that can benefit the most from moving to the cloud. These include growing companies, companies with expensive and/or outdated legacy systems, and companies experiencing business performance issues. Read more.

Part Two: Top 10 Reasons Why To Migrate Your Contact Center to the Cloud
In part two of the series, we look at the top reasons why a company would want to migrate an on-premise call center system to the cloud, including increasing contact center productivity and performance, gaining visibility into different call center sites and systems, gaining competitive advantage, improving customer experiences. In addition to these business advantages, we cover the overall benefits of the cloud such as reducing OpEx and better scalability, reliability and disaster recovery. Read more.

Part Three: When to Migrate Your Contact Center to the Cloud
In part three we discuss when it is time to migrate a contact center to the cloud. Here we outline the many challenging situations that drive the decision to move to the cloud, and how these are really opportunities to take stock of an existing call center and improve the business by migrating to the next generation of contact center functionality. Read more.

Part Four: How to Migrate to a Cloud Call Center
Last but not least, once a business decides it’s time for its contact center to make the move to the cloud, a plan needs to be made. In this post, we discuss how to make an assessment of existing call center systems and sites, find the right provider and migration tools, and create a blueprint for the move to the cloud. Read more.

We hope you find this series useful. The next Cisco Customer Journey Platform blog series will cover the “who,” “why,” “when,” and “how” of omnichannel contact centers.

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Rich is a member of the Customer Journey Platform marketing team. He has built a 25-year career in Silicon Valley bringing new B2B cloud and on-premise software technologies to market including contact center systems, Big Data analytics, Business Intelligence, interactive development environments and web application servers. He has held sales, product management, product marketing, solutions marketing, partner marketing, GM, VP and CMO positions.