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The BroadSoft Data Protection Program

The BroadSoft data protection program delivers guidance, policies, tools and training across the organization with a focus on achieving compliance with international regulatory regimes where BroadSoft provides service, implementing continuous monitoring, and driving organizational improvements and standardization.

The program is driven by these focus areas and key objectives:

  • Corporate Vision and Mission: With information security and data privacy as critical differentiators, BroadSoft’s mission is to establish good data stewardship, and enhance customer trust is critical to providing best-of-breed solutions and maintaining our competitive advantage.

  • Legal and Regulatory Frameworks: BroadSoft adheres to its legal duties based on a thorough understanding of the obligations and implications of international regulations.

  • Customer Confidence: Companies trust BroadSoft as a security partner. Our goal to always exceed our customers’ security and data protection expectations are best met by delivering data confidentiality, integrity, and availability within our cloud environments.

  • Risk Management: By applying a rigorous risk management framework combined with quantitative risk analysis, BroadSoft strives to implement a disciplined and structured process that integrates information security and risk management activities.

  • Industry Best Practices and Expectations: BroadSoft takes pride in implementing a comprehensive and proactive defense-in-depth approach to stay ahead of ever-evolving threats and attacks.

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