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Unified Communications for Digital Business

Unified communication solutions (UC) have been around for decades. However, not only has the usage model changed dramatically, but the organization’s requirements from UC solutions are also very different from what first generation products delivered.

This webinar will provide a crystal clear view of what best-in-class UC solutions must deliver to meet present and future requirements. We will detail the 6 key features of a modern UC solution, capabilities that should drive your upgrade decision process. Attendees will learn what new capabilities are coming to market and how these features provide what both the user and organization need.

Featured Speakers

David Rosenthal, UC Evangelist, BroadSoft
David Rosenthal is a UC Evangelist at BroadSoft, with 20 years of experience in business VoIP. As part of the original BroadSoft team he wore many hats, with leadership roles in sales and professional services. In the interim, he was a partner at Leonid Systems, which was acquired by BroadSoft in 2015. Back at BroadSoft, his focus is helping drive Unified Communications adoption worldwide.

Aaron Goldberg, Contributing Editor, IDG SMS
Aaron Goldberg is a renowned industry and marketing analyst in the information technology industry, spending more than 30 years working with senior executive management at IT vendors and many IT professionals as well. He is well known for his succinct and realistic style, and his ability to distill the key issues for end customers, marketers, and IT staff. He also runs many face-to-face CIO roundtables, and events for senior IT professionals each year in topics such as servers, virtualization, security, cloud, printing/output, enterprise software, data center operations, business intelligence, and others. 

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Wednesday, November 08, 2017, 02:00 PM EST 

1h 00min

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Migrate Your Communication Systems to the Cloud

Cloud migration may sound daunting but the right planning, partners and tools can simplify your transition and eliminate disruption to your business. Watch our webinar to uncover 5 steps that will ensure a seamless migration of your communication systems to the cloud. The webinar features discussions from BroadSoft and industry-leading analyst Irwin Lazar, vice president and service director at Nemertes Research.

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1h 00min

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