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Cloud Communications and Collaboration Solutions Designed for Hoteliers

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UC-One for Hospitality

Rapidly Transition from Premises-Based PBX’s to Next-Generation Cloud Communications

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UC-One Connect Mobile App

Optimize Staff Productivity with Mobile Workstreams to Enhance Guest Satisfaction

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Guest Experience Design Studio

Create Customized, Experience-Based Interactions for Your Guests

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Designed specifically for hoteliers to provide features and functionality that enhance both guest satisfaction and staff productivity, BroadSoft Hospitality operates as a secure, mobile-first, cloud-based solution that meets the needs of any segment of the global hospitality industry.

Cloud is Changing the Market

Whether you are a global hotel conglomerate, a luxury resort, or a small hotel, delivering a flawless customer experience is central to your guest satisfaction.
Managing reservations, overseeing bookings, hosting events, facilitating international calls, and responding to guest inquiries are just some of the many things that drive the need for comprehensive communication solutions in your industry.
While conventional premises-based hospitality communications are limited to only voice services available through in-room phones on an obsolete PBX system installed on the property, deploying to the cloud can provide high-quality unified communications experiences to both your guests and your staff for half the cost.
Our cloud-based BroadSoft Hospitality solutions easily integrate with your property management system (PMS) to deliver unified communications throughout your front desk, guest rooms, and the back office with the features required for almost any segment of the hospitality industry.

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Take Your Guest Experience to the Next Level

Enable feature-rich personalized services with self-managed user experiences

Get Savvy with Mobile Workstreams

Give hotel staff the freedom to communicate with guests through continuous mobile connectivity—anytime, anywhere

Save on Costs and Increase Your Staff Productivity

Put your entire staff on a single, cost-effective communications and collaboration platform that supports simple, integrated, repeatable workflows

Through the integration of the hotel’s PBX, voicemail and PMS solution, BroadSoft Hospitality powers communications for thousands of hospitality organizations of all sizes, including some of the world’s largest hotels and resorts.

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UC-One for Hospitality

The UC-One for Hospitality solution enables hotel and resort properties to rapidly transition from premises-based PBX’s to next-generation cloud communications services.

With built-in enterprise-grade cloud PBX and trunking capabilities, the solution delivers advanced cloud-based telephony, a comprehensive set of feature-rich unified communications capabilities such as HD voice and video calling, messaging, screen sharing, conferencing—and all the hospitality-specific features you would expect—from guest wake-up calls to billing and call accounting.

Whether you run a single hotel property or a global chain with multiple properties, UC-One for Hospitality lets you put all your employees on a single communications platform—accessible on a desktop or a mobile device.

Drive staff efficiency and open up exciting new ways to enhance and extend your guest experience by integrating your PMS with UC-One for Hospitality.

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UC-One Connect for Hospitality

Mobility and hospitality go phone-in-hand. The UC-One Connect for Hospitality app lets you do precisely that—optimize your staff’s mobile workstreams to enhance guest satisfaction.

With the app, guest touch points happen anytime no matter where your employees are on site.

The app lets your ever-mobile staff modify hospitality settings at the touch of a button on any mobile device of their choice. Change room status, provide charged balances, post minibar charges, manage wake up calls and message lights, set do not disturb, and change class of service—to name a few.

A mobile-first approach lets your staff respond to guests much more quickly and efficiently, reducing wait times on services and issue resolutions.

The end result? Faster service from staff, improved satisfaction for your guests, and greater guest retention for your business.

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Guest Experience Design Studio

Prompt, personalized service is central to guest satisfaction and to those coveted five-star ratings.

The Guest Experience Design Studio provides a way for your staff to create customized, experience-based interactions for your guests. By using the studio, your staff can set criteria to trigger notifications to guests.

Need to notify your guests about an event or activity? Use the design studio to send a voicemail daily at 4 p.m. to all checked-in guests to automatically notify them of the manager’s reception at 7 p.m. It's that simple. 



Benefits That Keep You Smiling

You’ve made the right choice to explore cloud-based communications and collaboration solutions for your hospitality business.

The benefits of choosing the cloud are many.

Take a look at some game-changing benefits of BroadSoft Hospitality that transform your business and optimize your return on investment.


Reduce Costs

Lower your total cost of ownership by avoiding future capital investments—with a single all-inclusive cloud-based communications solution. Avoid major capital outlays to replace outdated on-site equipment and save big on IT staffing costs.

Integrate and Streamline

Simplify selling and consolidate the management of your property-based network services. Eliminate your need to develop interfaces when selling services across one or several property networks.

Simplify Operations

Centralize the management and operations of your hotel communications for multi-site properties. Provide a single point for monitoring and management spread across one or many properties.

Keep Your Staff Connected

Extend fast, mobile communication infrastructure to your staff. Equip them to assist and respond to guests from any place, any device.

Deliver Next Generation Service Options

Provide next-generation communications services and support to guests. Eliminate your need to develop different service interfaces with one comprehensive feature-rich solution.

Secure Guest Confidence with Carrier-Grade Reliability

Insulate your business operations and customer data from the impact of unexpected disasters and outages. Our trusted cloud infrastructure delivers the “five nines” reliability you need for securing your data and guest confidence.


Want More Information?

Our solution specialists will be happy to contact you to provide you more information on how your hospitality business can benefit from our comprehensive range of Hospitality solutions.