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Key Conference Themes and Takeaways

Thanks to the support of our customers and partners, BroadSoft Connections has undoubtedly become the most influential event of its kind in the industry. Here’s a recap of our key conference themes:

  • The era of BroadSoft being the industry’s “best kept secret” is over. BroadSoft is the only pure cloud communications player on the market. Many service providers view us as a powerful differentiator, and we are going to leverage that and extend our brand.
  • We’re investing in your success. We are embedding with sales teams to learn what works and what doesn’t and help our entire customer base sell smarter. Look for new syndicated content, selling tools and e-commerce portals to help you compete and win.
  • We’re focusing on the end-user experience. We want enterprise customers to specifically ask for BroadSoft mobile clients. You can expect our developers to focus in a laser-like way on creating highly compelling end-user experiences.
  • Project Tempo will unlock new revenue opportunities. Our new initiative, based onUC-One®, brings together disjointed tools and off-the-shelf applications to create a single, seamless workflow. It’s already getting high marks from analysts. Our first deliverable is UC-One Hub – a cloud service running on UC-One Communicator. Read the press release to learn more.
  • We’re ready to engage with you and build momentum. I hope you’ll reach out to us to discuss how we can work together. We also hope you will help us build market visibility and excitement for Project Tempo and include #projectTEMPO in your social media posts.

As we look ahead, we won’t just be defining the future; we will own it. Mark your calendars for next year’s BroadSoft Connections taking place November 13-16, 2016, in San Antonio, Texas.

Click here to go to the BroadSoft Connections event website. Access to session content is limited to attendees.

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