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Added VoIP capabilities give Irish ISP's customers fully automated features, extend their personal communications online

BELFAST, NI, November 28, 2006 - BroadSoft, Inc., a leading provider of VoIP application software, along with service provider VoIP Solutions, today announced at the grand opening of the new BroadSoft European Operations Centre in Belfast that Digiweb, one of the largest ISPs in Ireland, is deploying next-generation VoIP services based on the BroadWorks® VoIP application platform. The service will allow Digiweb's WiMAX and fixed broadband subscribers to take advantage of a new generation of voice services that render traditional telephony obsolete.

The Digiweb announcement coincides with BroadSoft's grand opening of its European Operations Centre in Belfast. The European Operations Centre is located at the Northern Ireland Science Park, and expands BroadSoft's capabilities to provide real-time technical support, service and training to Digiweb and its other European customers.

Digiweb VoIP customers will have access to multiple features, such as simultaneous ring-where any call to the home number can instantaneously ring numerous other numbers specified by the user; video telephony and conferencing; click-to-dial services; and advanced call control features that allow users to specify who can call them at what times. This is in addition to voicemail, diverting, call forwarding and call barring features. All service preferences can be set up and altered through an easy-to-use web interface managed by the end-user.

"Telephony has evolved to the stage where it will soon be commonplace to have a video call with all your friends. Also, when someone calls you, your mobile, your home phone and your office phone will ring and a call alert will pop-up on your computer screen simultaneously," said Colm Piercy, managing director at Digiweb. "Today's telecommunications is about control, and our end-users can now directly manage their communications options, allowing them to choose who can call them and at what times with a few simple clicks on a web site, ending the days of being a slave to the phone."

Service provider VoIP Solutions is deploying the BroadWorks platform for Digiweb. The Digiweb deployment will initially focus on the consumer market. However, Digiweb plans to offer hosted PBX services to Irish enterprises, effectively replacing the need for traditional PBX or overlaying advanced VoIP services on top. BroadWorks applications function independent of the underlying IMS network, simplifying operations and enabling third-party applications, such as presence, to be more easily integrated.

"Much noise has been made about depleting voice revenues and how VoIP will compound this trend. But drowned out by this uproar is a simple fact that seems to escape most people - VoIP is bringing with it a new range of applications that undeniably hold value," said Michael Tessler, president and CEO for BroadSoft. "Now that IP can offer virtually any voice service imaginable, we are beginning to see operators like Digiweb capture the revenue that formerly went to PBX manufacturers. This is a brand new revenue stream and will form a major part of operator revenues in the future."

Digiweb plans to use the BroadWorks platform to extend VoIP capabilities to mobile phones in the coming year.

"We are very excited about the new platform from BroadSoft and VoIP Solutions and for what it will mean for our customers," said John Quinn, head of strategic development at Digiweb. "With the buildout of our mobile network in 2007, offering true fixed/mobile convergence will become a reality in Ireland."

About The BroadWorks Platform

BroadSoft's IMS-compliant BroadWorks® platform provides a comprehensive range of VoIP applications, including hosted PBX, IP Centrex, mobile PBX, business trunking and residential broadband services fully integrated into a single VoIP application platform. BroadWorks provides these applications with the reliability, redundancy, scalability and regulatory capabilities required to deliver carrier-class service.

About Digiweb

Digiweb Ltd (www.digiweb.ie) is one of Ireland's leading Internet Service Providers and has expanded rapidly through delivery of innovative, cost-effective solutions to business, educational, public sector and community clients and partners, including: Broadband Access Nationwide - Wireless, DSL, Satellite, Fibre; Web Hosting and Domain Registration; Managed Server Solutions and Private Wide Area Networks.

About VoIP Solutions

VoIP Solutions is a VoIP Enabler working with ISPs and ITSPs to address their Business and Residential market requirements in Ireland and elsewhere in Europe. VoIP Solutions is a European system integrator for BroadSoft and has an extensive range of distribution agreements with VoIP hardware vendors to complement the BroadWorks system. VoIP Solutions can also provide an full incubation service for BroadSoft customers from their data centers located in Dublin and Amsterdam.

About BroadSoft

BroadSoft's VoIP application software is revolutionizing the delivery of hosted telephony and multimedia services. Its flagship BroadWorks® technology empowers wireless, wireline and cable carriers to deliver next-generation voice and multimedia applications and advanced features that increase revenue, enhance competitive differentiation and elevate customer satisfaction. BroadSoft's family of carrier-class software products delivers the scale, open architecture and reliability that the world's leading telecommunications companies demand to serve mission-critical enterprise and residential broadband customers. BroadSoft provides VoIP applications to 6 of the top 10 and 12 of the top 25 largest carriers worldwide, including Korea Telecom, Singtel, Sprint, Telefonica de Espana, Telstra, T-Systems, and Verizon.

About BroadSoft:

BroadSoft, now a part of Cisco, is a technology innovator in cloud PBX, unified communications, team collaboration, and contact center solutions for businesses and service providers across 80 countries. We aim to empower users and teams to share ideas and work simply to achieve breakthrough performance. For additional information, visit www.BroadSoft.com.

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