BroadSoft as Trusted Partner

Today’s business communications and collaboration market is rapidly changing and is increasingly competitive, with new OTT players and IT vendors entering the space at a rapid rate.

In order to protect your market share and maintain margins, you need a partner you can trust that lets you deploy advanced, mobile-first business communication solutions - quickly and cost effectively.

25 of the 30 world’s largest service providers have chosen BroadSoft as their partner of choice. Interested in learning why?

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Minimize Your Risk with BroadCloud

BroadCloud offers a fully managed, scalable SaaS model that lets you quickly and cost-efficiently deploy BroadSoft Business—our integrated suite of communication and collaboration services—to your business customers.

Less investment, less time, less hassle and a vastly improved customer experience, courtesy of BroadCloud.

Minimize Investment

BroadCloud’s pay as you go model lets providers penetrate the rapidly growing UC market with minimal upfront investment and risk.

Scale Up and Down

BroadCloud’s sophisticated UC solution scales to meet requirements across market segments and verticals

Reduce Time to Market

Accelerated time to market enables providers to start capitalizing on new revenue sources in less than 90 days.

End to End Solution

BroadCloud supports the full business life cycle, from quoting and customer qualification, to order fulfillment and service activation, to billing and customer support.

Deploy Faster Than You Think

With BroadCloud, you can deploy our advanced portfolio of fully integrated communication and collaboration services in a matter of weeks.

As the competition gets steeper, time-to-market becomes critical to maintain your market share. Your customers are demanding the best solution available on the market, and each day you are not offering the type of services they demand, is one more opportunity for your competitors to steal your business.

Let Us Do The Heavy Lifting

Deploying advanced communication solutions is becoming increasingly complex. Let BroadCloud handle your operations and delivery, while you focus on other important business functions such as sales and marketing.

You can also take advantage of our BroadCloud engagement services to significantly expedite back office integration and reduce ramp up time.

At BroadSoft, building, integrating, operating and maintaining complex communication systems is what we do!

Summary of BroadCloud Benefits

Minimize Your Risk

BroadCloud reduces extensive upfront capital costs associated with deploying cloud business solutions, and offers a financially predictable OPEX model based on your revenues. With BroadCloud, you only pay for the licenses you sell.

Leapfrog the Competition

Your customers are demanding much more sophisticated services. You can launch cutting edge, mobile-first Unified Communications, Team Collaboration and Contact Center solutions within weeks, not months or years - with limited back office integration requirements and minimal technical training.

Optimize Your Resources

Staffing for constant maintenance and upgrades is significantly reduced, with the latest releases always automatically available for you to push out to your best customers.

Stay Open to New Possibilities

Our highly secure platform is completely flexible and open, giving you the option to integrate with any other apps and services that you might need for specific market opportunities.


The BroadSoft Business Portfolio

BroadSoft Business is our integrated portfolio of enterprise-ready cloud applications including:

  • UC-One
  • Team-One
  • CC-One

These applications are offered on both BroadCloud, our SaaS delivery platform and on BroadWorks, our software platform which resides in the service provider’s network.

BroadSoft Business applications are all underpinned by our three core capabilities, bOpen, bMobile and bSecure.

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