From its inception, BroadSoft has focused on developing and delivering software-based voice applications. The company’s flagship product, BroadWorks, is a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) applications platform that enables service providers to deliver basic and enhanced voice services for business and residential end users. As the leading Application Server for IP-Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) environments, BroadWorks services are network agnostic, offering carriers expanded service reach, fixed-mobile convergence (FMC), streamlined application integration, and operational cost savings.

With an extensive range of features, BroadWorks enables carriers to offer a differentiated set of communication services that range from media-oriented services such as Voice Messaging, Conferencing, and Auto Attendant, to personal calling functions such as Selective Call Forwarding, Simultaneous Ringing, and dial-by-name. Applying these features across multiple delivery networks and end devices opens carriers to an added dimension of innovation.

In addition to offering a converged service environment, BroadWorks addresses an additional set of problems inherent in traditional networks. Using the web, BroadWorks provides a high-servicing component between the service provider and the customer. User control and configuration is provided via a standard web portal that augments basic phone functionality to make existing services (for example, Conference Calling and Call Forwarding) easier to use, and new services easier to deploy. For example, a BroadWorks user can selectively forward calls from an office phone to a cell phone with a few clicks on a web page or wireless personal digital assistant (PDA). Previously, with Centrex-like services, such a service would require a highly complex and time-consuming procedure for both the user and the provider.

The BroadWorks platform operates on a standards-based, modular architecture that uses common protocols (such as Session Initiation Protocol [SIP]), open interfaces, and scalable, industry-standard hardware. The BroadWorks open environment enables providers, as well as third-party service developers, to rapidly introduce new services and launch new applications.

BroadWorks provides user services, administrative features, and media-based functionality from a standards-based service delivery platform. BroadWorks system functionality is distributed across multiple servers for optimized performance and to meet IMS specifications.

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