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As a service provider, managing the entire SaaS lifecycle of your end customers from trial to activation, to usage reporting, to onboarding, and ongoing support of new releases can be a challenging endeavor without the right tools to automate the process from end to end.

Which is why I’m thrilled to introduce our new SaaS deployment option for UC-One, specifically designed for BroadWorks customers. UC-One SaaS helps service providers accelerate time to market, minimize CAPEX and simplify the entire SaaS lifecycle.

UC-One SaaS combines advanced telephony from your BroadWorks system with comprehensive unified communications from BroadCloud, into a single intuitive application experience for the end user. It delivers all the essential unified communications and collaboration services available with today’s UC-One software and cloud PBX: HD voice and video, instant messaging, presence, file sharing, screen sharing, My Room audio/video conferencing and more, delivered to the end user through the desktop, mobile and tablet.

It also includes BroadSoft Hub which enables UC-One to easily integrate with some of the most common business applications used today, to provide context to communications and quick access to those apps without leaving the UC-One client experience. Lastly, UC-One SaaS leverages our new online meeting app BroadSoft Meet, which brings a superior HD video experience to My Room collaboration sessions, and provides a consistent seamless meeting experience across all BroadSoft Business applications.

Here are some highlights of how we’ve made it easy and cost-effective for service providers to offer UC-One SaaS to end customers:

  • Deployment – We’ve removed the complexity of activation, configuration, deployment and management. The onboarding process requires a few system level configuration changes before the solution is ready to use. There are no services to be assigned, no user or enterprise configuration, and no activation changes to your IT systems. The SaaS service even supports end-user self-activation with a free 30-day trial.
  • Branding – Runtime branding provides real time downloading of branding elements within the application. Which means you only need to upload your branding assets once in a web portal on the Channel Support System, then the UC-One application utilizes the assets to display your brand to the end-user. If you change your assets at any time, the application will update branding automatically so there’s no need to republish and reinstall the application.
  • New Features – Cloud solutions allow you to innovate more rapidly. Our agile development process provides continuous enhancements and monthly software updates, and it’s not tied to a specific BroadWorks release. New features and fixes are immediately available to all your end users.
  • Marketing - UC-One SaaS includes an easy-to-brand digital microsite with video content and other collateral where your prospects and customers come to for information, help, and to sign up for the service. As a BroadSoft service provider, you can also sign up for Powered by BroadSoft campaigns to help you drive traffic to your microsite and move your prospects from try to buy.
  • Packaging – We’ve created one simple package which includes all the essential UCC capabilities at a competitive price, and we’re giving service providers free trials for 100 of their employees with no expiration!

Meet_DT_GuestVideoChat.png UC-One_Android_3_0_Video_call (1).png

UC-One SaaS is both a technology accelerator and market accelerator. It’s the ideal UC offering for any business of any size and vertical, scaling from small to large. We’re committed to helping our service provider customers bring new innovative end-user capabilities to market as quickly as possible, and at every stage of the buyer journey.

To Learn More About UC-One, Visit Our Microsite

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About the Author

Jim McGonigle is a senior director in the Product Management team focused on BroadWorks and UC-One SaaS. With more than 15 years of experience at BroadSoft in R&D and product, Jim leads the team that sets the future direction for our software and cloud products.