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In today’s workplaces, geographically dispersed teams are becoming a prevalent reality regardless of the size of the business. As a result of this trend, the needs of distributed teams are rapidly evolving when it comes to remote meetings and collaboration. Enter BroadSoft Meet.

Introduced last quarter, BroadSoft Meet is an intuitive and secure virtual meeting room experience that allows teams to collaborate remotely using HD audio, HD video, messaging and screen sharing all within a single application.

BroadSoft Meet is a key capability of BroadSoft Business applications, namely UC-One and Team-One. Regardless of what modality or platform you use, BroadSoft Meet enables you to simply join and collaborate with your teammates in a virtual meeting room. Hosted and managed by BroadSoft in the BroadCloud platform, BroadSoft Meet eliminates the need for operators to deploy on-premises video hardware.

Key Features and Benefits of BroadSoft Meet

HD Video and Audio

BroadSoft Meet enables built-in high definition audio as well as 1080p at 20fps video from the desktop clients. Regardless of how you join the virtual meeting room (desktop, mobile or tablet client), you can enable or disable sending your video.

Screen Sharing

Participants using the desktop client during the meeting can screen share their content with each other in the virtual meeting room while participants using all mobile and tablet clients have the ability to view the content being screen shared—making it a breeze for everyone to review information together.

This feature also eliminates the need for launching a separate web collaboration application thereby improving the meeting’s effectiveness and productivity.

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Multi-Party Messaging

With BroadSoft Meet, UC-One subscribers and guests can participate in a multi-party public chat from their desktop while Team-One subscribers can use the chat capability within Team-One workspaces. This feature provides another alternative mechanism for teams to effectively communicate and interact during the meeting without interrupting the speaker(s).

Moderating Meetings

As a UC-One subscriber, you can mute any of the participants in your “My Room” while moderating or hosting the meeting. Muting is useful when participants call in from noisy environments (such as airports) without disrupting the flow of the meeting. You can also dismiss a participant from the meeting if the need arises.

Guest Client Access

BroadSoft Meet makes inviting external stakeholders such as vendors, contractors and agencies to your virtual meetings hassle free without worrying about sharing long dial-in numbers and passcodes. Whether you join a BroadSoft Meet room from Team-One or UC-One, you can invite external guests to your meeting by simply sharing the URL assigned to the virtual room by the application.

With Team-One, each workspace will have its own unique BroadSoft Meet virtual room, while with UC-One, each subscriber is allocated a unique personal “My Room”. Regardless of which application you use, BroadSoft Meet provides the exact same user experience to internal subscribers as well as external participants.

Joining While Mobile

BroadSoft Meet enables hosting or joining meetings from your UC-One or Team-One mobile app without dial-in numbers or passcodes. With just one touch, simply launch the Meet mobile app and get into your meeting.

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Dial-In Only Via Audio Option

BroadSoft Meet also enables participants who can only join in the audio portion of the meeting by simply dialing the dedicated audio conference bridge number and ID.

Video Switching

BroadSoft Meet is based on video switching technology where all clients stream their video and the server intelligently routes the appropriate video streams to all other participants. This allows for more optimized use of resources and provides a higher quality video stream on the recipient clients. In addition, it uses the VP9 codec for improved quality and lower bandwidth utilization.

Download a Copy of the BroadSoft Meet Solution Brief

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About the Author

Fred Sarkissian is a director in the product management team focused on team, meeting and meeting room experiences. From ideation to delivery, Fred brings more than 25 years of experience in building innovative products that focus on delivering best of breed experience for the Telecommunications and Unified Communications markets.