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As we begin a new year, I want to take a moment to reflect back on our key accomplishments and deliverables associated with BroadCloud UC-One Cloud PBX in 2017 and provide a small preview of what to expect in 2018.

Reflecting Back: A Recap of 2017

Our expansion plan last year was marked by a number of enhancements and capability additions to the BroadCloud value offering. A continuing evolution of BroadSoft lead us to refresh our product taxonomy and present it to you at Connections.

The rollout of the new taxonomy has clearly positioned BroadCloud as our cloud managed services architecture designed to enable our channels to deliver our suite of applications and their underlying capabilities. By introducing the BroadCloud Channel Support System in the new taxonomy, our goal is to further enable you with a set of services designed to simplify the end-to-end process of selling, onboarding and adoption of our products.

Here are some of our other key accomplishments in 2017.

BroadCloud-Enabled Delivery of Hub, Connect and Meet

The BroadCloud-enabled delivery of BroadSoft Hub and UC-One mobile clients Connect and Meet extends the value of your advanced UC services to mobile users. Hub, Connect and Meet offer a higher quality of mobile integration of your unified communications services with impressive differentiators in the growing cloud market for enterprises. Read up more on these applications in one of our earlier posts on TechBeat.

Commercial Availability of BroadCloud PaaS

The commercial availability of BroadCloud platform-as-a-service (PaaS) means our service provider partners can now leverage BroadCloud as a managed cloud infrastructure residing in BroadSoft data centers and minimize non-strategic OPEX and CAPEX while moving to a consumption cost model. With PaaS, you have the ability to accelerate your innovation cycle by gaining a 50-75% time-to-market advantage. Read up more on it in this press release.

BroadCloud International for Multinational Enterprises

The launch of BroadCloud International addresses the needs of carrier partners who support multinational enterprise customers. As an enhancement to the standard carrier delivery model, this new capability supports the unified communications and collaboration needs of corporations with a global workforce distributed in multiple geographic regions. Get access to more information on BroadCloud International in the BroadCloud KB.

New Global Footprints, CPE Offerings and Endpoints

Our market expansion efforts have now made BroadCloud UC-One Cloud PBX available in Canada, Italy and Portugal. In addition to making strides with our global footprint, we have continued to increase our CPE offerings with new makes and models by certifying over 80 new endpoints into our BroadCloud product catalog. These include ADTRAN, Audiocodes, Edgewater, Polycom, Yealink and more. A full list of supported endpoints is available in the BroadCloud KB.

Enhancements to Rialto

Another focus area was expanding the API capabilities of Rialto (REP)—the enterprise management portal for BroadCloudwith new methods and fields to give our service provider partners additional integration and automation options. Now known as the BroadSoft Business Administrator Portal, REP has been improved with multiple enhancements to bring capability in line with the MySite management portal. Find more information on available API capabilities in the BroadCloud KB.

In addition, enabling the "a la carte" option within our public sector cloud environment has created greater flexibility into our product offering. This new option lets you offer a minimal set of baseline features to your public sector customer with all other features available “a la carte” so your site admins can now assign individual features to vertical end users as required.

Delivery of Billing Services and Bill-on-Behalf

By enabling billing services and bill-on-behalf in the US market, through a single cloud-based billing system bundled into our cloud infrastructure, our aim is to help channel partners effectively monetize their platform investment to gain traction in the enterprise marketplace and provide a better, more seamless experience to the end customer. Get details about billing services or bill-on-behalf in the BroadCloud KB.

Looking Forward: What to Expect in Early 2018

This year we’ll continue to deliver new enhancements to the BroadCloud platform. Let's preview what to expect in early 2018.

New Features and Updates to the BroadCloud UC-One PBX (Carrier)

With Release 22 and R22.1, our newest updates to BroadCloud with UC-One (Carrier) include enabling a unified user ID across MyPhone and clients for an improved user experience and new site level features to enhance call routing capability for auto attendant, call queue, hunt groups as well as new enhancements to API capabilities.

We are also making improvements to the MyPhone end-user portal by adding security features that will provide additional layers of protection against unauthorized use. New security enhancements include account lockout, increased password requirements, and optional use of CAPTCHA.

New Features and Market Expansion for BroadCloud UC-One PBX (PaaS)

With Release 2.0.0, we are working to expand our market availability of BroadCloud UC-One PBX (Paas) in Canada and Mexico and introduce new features designed to improve functionality and ease of deployment.

The feature upgrades include:

  • The addition of Console to will give providers an upgraded interface for a more seamless way to discover, manage, build, and deploy the solution.
  • The addition of a Reseller Level into the OCI Hierarchy to introduce a reseller level between the system and service provider/enterprise level. The reseller will then be able to add, delete, and modify their own domain, administrator, identity/device profile type, and device management tag set directly via the OCI interface or the CommPilot administrator portal.
  • An enhancement to Voicemail Storage to remove the requirement for the partner to create SureMail voicemail storage accounts prior to provisioning users with the voicemail feature. Voicemail storage will be automatically allocated to a user upon the assignment of the feature.

Thank you for a great 2017! I look forward to 2018. We’ll have more news and updates to share in the coming weeks and months—make sure you are subscribed to TechBeat.

About the Author

As Chief Technology Officer, Scott Hoffpauir is responsible for guiding the technical vision and direction for BroadSoft as well as promoting continuous product innovation. Driving the company’s strong reputation of leadership and innovation, Scott manages BroadSoft’s engineering, operations and product management functions.