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The UC-One Communicator Desktop client version 22.5.3 has been certified for use on the Cisco BroadCloud for Carriers and Government platforms. The branded versions of the clients (for both Cisco BroadCloud for Carriers and Government platforms) are tentatively slated for production release to all markets on Friday October 19th, 2018.

I. Cisco BroadCloud Platform Specific Information

a. Cisco BroadCloud for Carriers

Similar to the previously deployed commercial market versions, each of the 22.5.3 clients (Windows / Mac / S4B) support all BroadCloud market regions from a single client using the region pulldown menu from the login screen.

b. Cisco BroadCloud for Government

The Government Desktop clients are FIPS-140-2 compliant and only work with the BroadCloud Government platform. The Windows and Windows S4B versions support both PIV and non-Piv authentication methods, while the MAC version is non-PIV only.

II. UC-One Release Summary
Client Name   Cisco BroadCloud Platform   Current Version   New Version
UC-One Carrier Desktop(Win/WinS4B)   Carrier (All Regions)   22.5.2   22.5.3
UC-One Carrier Desktop (Mac)   Carrier (All Regions)   22.3.2   22.5.3
UC-One Government Desktop (Win/WinS4B)   Government (PIV/Non-PIV)   22.3.2   22.5.3
UC-One Government Desktop (Mac)   Government (Non-PIV)   N/A   22.5.3

III. BroadCloud End-User Downloads

Non-Branding Carriers

At time of release, MyPhone Communicator Desktop download links will be updated to point to the new 22.5.3 version of the clients.

Cisco BroadCloud Branding Carriers

The release of BroadCloud reference clients does not affect any carriers who brands their own clients. Carriers wanting to deploy their own branded 22.5.3 versions of the Communicator Desktop clients should follow their normal branding and deployment process, and then schedule a date to upgrade their customer base.

IV. Cisco BroadCloud Generic Branding Information

For specific Cisco BroadCloud branding information on Xchange, visit this page.

Note: The content of this annoucement do not pertain to UC-One SaaS.

About the Author

As part of the BroadCloud Product Management Team, Kareem’s responsibilities include the development of BroadCloud’s UC-One offering, endpoints and end-user features. Before joining BroadSoft over four years ago, Kareem worked for various LECs / ISPs with a focus on large enterprise service delivery.