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A growing number of businesses are finding that their traditional PBX premises-based phone systems no longer serve the needs of their organization.
What is a traditional PBX you ask?
A PBX (or, private branch exchange) is the premise-based legacy business telephone system connected to your communication service provider’s network with trunks. A traditional PBX business phone system requires a large amount of hardware, installation efforts, investment dollars and is run on the site of your business.
Old phone systems are hard to manage, difficult to keep up-to-date and cost businesses a lot of money. Are you tired of the limitations associated with managing and maintaining your aging PBX system too? Then it may be time to move away to a cloud PBX system.

Cloud PBX - An Overview

The exodus to cloud PBX is accelerating and happening now. But what does the term “cloud PBX” even mean? Simply put, a cloud PBX is an Internet-based phone system.

By using the cloud to host your business phone system over the internet, you have access to all the regular calling features of your onsite phone system but with the added benefits and extra perks of next generation mobility, advanced security, unlimited and on-demand scalability and sophisticated integration features.

Cloud technology enables the storing and accessing of data over the internet rather than on an on-premise hard drive. With our cloud PBX solution, you simply choose a provider and they host and completely manage the phone system for you or you choose other deployment options that best fit your business needs.

The Cloud PBX Market is Growing

The cloud PBX market has been growing fast, with 23% growth in 2016.

Leading factors driving the preference for cloud PBX include predictable cost model, multi-site networking, security and system uptime, along with simple, web-based administration and the ease with which communications are integrated into all the other cloud business applications, such as G Suite, Office 365, Salesforce.com and others.

BroadSoft was born in the cloud, and after 19 years of non-stop innovation, we are, hands down, the global market share leader for cloud business communications.

UC-One Cloud PBX offers next generation business communications, with all the advantages of the cloud.

Save on Costs and Get Away from the Hassle

UC-One Cloud PBX is a smart decision and puts your business on a path to increased return on investment. With the cloud-based consumption model, your capital investments are minimized and your monthly expenses remain low and predictable.

Moving your phone system to the cloud removes the problems associated with managing and maintaining on-premises systems and delivers an even better result—your system is always up to date. Your valuable IT staff no longer has to deal with time-consuming manual upgrades for new features and functionalities.

The latest and greatest upgrades are covered—including CRM and app integrations—at no extra charge to you, and managed by BroadSoft.

Connect Remote and Mobile Workers from Multiple Locations

Besides the cost advantage, cloud PBX phone systems offer flexibility and accessibility to businesses. Since the technology is hosted in the cloud, your remote and mobile workers can access and use your phone system anywhere.

The BroadSoft UC-One Cloud PBX solution is designed to support businesses from small, medium to large as well distributed enterprises with branch offices in multiple countries—and we have the references to prove it.

It enables workers located in geographically dispersed locations and multinationals to communicate through a single cloud-based system and stay connected. Workers can make and receive phone calls using the main business number or their personal number, regardless of which device they use—a mobile phone, desk phone, desktop or their home phone.

Your workforce in branch offices is able to enjoy and use the same business telephony capabilities available to users at the headquarters.






Have a Network Preference? We’ll Connect You

The UC-One Cloud PBX solution comes packaged with a variety of deployment options for businesses. We can leverage your service provider’s telephone network to bring our cloud PBX to your business or alternatively use your own telephone network.

We also offer you SIP Trunking—a cost-effective technology that connects your on-premise legacy phones and systems to our cloud without removing or replacing them. A great way to gracefully migrate and interoperate with your legacy systems—and get exciting new cloud features for your legacy PBX systems.


It’s a win-win no matter which deployment option you choose keeping the best needs of your business in mind.


Leverage UC-One Cloud PBX entirely from your service provider's network.

This option does not require any onsite installations. Your business phone system user accounts are housed 100% in the cloud.

Leverage UC-One Cloud PBX from your service provider with your existing telephony network.

This hybrid option requires connecting your business’s existing telephone network through a local gateway.

Leverage in-place PBX with SIP trunking.

This option allows you to connect your on-premise legacy phones and systems to our cloud without removing or replacing them.


Want More Information?

With our UC-One Cloud PBX offering, BroadSoft ensures your business has superior business communication capabilities that improve business efficiency. To learn more about how switching to cloud PBX can best serve your business, fill out this form and one of our solution specialists will contact you.