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Keeping up with technology is the key to a successful digital workplace. In fact, it can make all the difference between success and failure.. If you don’t have the best technology, you risk falling behind your competitors.

That is especially true with offiice phone systems. And with all the advances in cloud PBX systems, having a premises-based phone system can be detrimental to business growth.

Here are five reaons it might be time to move to the cloud.

1. Your phone system is technically obsolete.

The most common reason to change your phone system is that your existing traditional system is just too old, and has grown technically outdated. When that happens, repairs become very expensive.

2. No more capacity.

If your company is growing, your old phone system may not have enough room for expansion. One of the biggest “growing pains” a company experiences is outgrowing its infrastructure – phone systems included.

3. Your office is moving.

One of the best times to change your phone system is your company changes locations. The costs of uninstalling, transporting and reinstalling an old system can be a significant percentage of the cost of a brand new system.

4. You have new locations.

A business opening an additional office or adding remote workers will obviously need a phone system that easily supports those employees. But what’s not so obvious is that it might make sense to look at options to upgrade the company’s entire system at the same time, including existing locations.

5. You need new functionality.

Technology is rapidly changing and the features of your existing phone system probably lag significanly behind the latest cloud systems. It might still function properly, but it just doesn’t have enough features to keep up with the needs of current business operations.