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Working from home can be great for some, but sometimes it's difficult to create the necessary separation between work and personal life.

For many, the local coffee shop becomes the default alternative, but is it really the most productive place to actually get work done?

Inc. Magazine suggests empty restaurants may be a good alternative.

At least one company is trying to make it a reality. Spacious is a startup with a simple idea: Many restaurants sit empty and unused throughout the day. Why not turn that large, untapped area into co-working spaces?

The company partners with restaurants that are closed until 5pm or later. They provide fast and reliable WiFi, free gourmet coffee, and the power ports you need to plug in.. Restaurant owners create a new revenue stream by earning money from what were previously dead hours.

One big benefit for the remote worker is that it's much cheaper than other co-working spaces. Since the restaurants provide the real estate, Spacious offers memberships at a fraction of the cost.

Here are some things to consider:

Pros: Mutually beneficial relationship for remote workers and restaurant owners, much less expensive than other co-working alternatives

Cons: May not be located in your area so you may have to cut a deal with a local restaurant owner yourself

Read more about how Spacious works here.