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Are you using mobile messaging to stay in touch with your customers?  If not, you may be missing great opportunities. According to a recent article in RCR Wireless News, organizations of all sizes are discovering that mobile messaging is a great way to deliver prompt service, drive new revenues and enhance the customer experience.

A few examples:

  • If you are a hotel manager, you might send guests a text message offering a discount on dinner at    your restaurant so you can keep more spending on premises.
  • If you specialize in landscape design, you might use texting to confirm an appointment with a homeowner and to share a link to a website with plant photos.
  • If you are a retailer, you might send coupons via messaging to drive the sale of seasonal merchandise and to make way for new stock.

The RCR article says mobile messaging can be the “secret sauce” for companies who want deeper customer insights. In fact, the author predicts call centers will increasingly use data from mobile messaging to track transaction and interaction histories, better understand trends “and deliver the first-class service today’s mobile customers expect.”  

Another benefit of mobile messaging is its popularity and effectiveness – especially when compared to mobile apps. RCR says the vast majority of apps downloaded to a mobile device are used once and then discarded. In contrast, nine out of 10 text messages are read within three minutes of being received.

Texting is especially popular among Millennials, who see mobile messaging as a preferred medium to make purchases and communicate with merchants. “64% of millennial consumers prefer texting a company for information versus calling them, and 77% of them have a more positive perception of a company they can reach via mobile messaging,” RCR says.

If you want to maximize customer satisfaction and your revenues, add mobile messaging to the mix and use it strategically to support your business.