Each spring technology analyst Mary Meeker releases her hotly anticipated report on adoption and use of internet technologies. Over the last decade, it’s become the most comprehensive analysis of the State of the Internet available.

This year's report has a big focus on communications and messaging in the digital workplace.

Meeker notes there are now an astounding three billion messages sent daily on Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. And a significant proportion of these conversations are about work.

With employees now carrying more advanced technology in their pockets than they’re given by corporate IT departments, they’ve voted with their feet and are bypassing corporate IT on an unprecedented scale. Unfortunately, too many corporate IT teams are still ignoring this trend.

It’s particularly concerning for those in regulated industries like financial services to admit their employees are bypassing corporate channels for untrackable personal tools. But it's now far too widespread to ignore.

Employees aren’t content to be passive users of information technology anymore -- they know what they want to use and what they want to consume. Corporate communicators need to consider ways to leverage this need to converse in their digital workplaces.

Messaging apps are fast becoming important platforms for business. Smart companies need to embrace this trend and deliver this functionality to their workers.