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Web platforms are no longer simply about displaying your information on the internet. Fast Company's review "The 22 Most Innovative Web Platforms of 2016" paints an intriguing picture of how fast technology news is actually moving into the life of businesses, researchers, education, and consumers.

From More Data, More Customized ...

Several of the most innovative platforms take the capability of data and customize it for delivery for various business uses. Scharp, for example, provides vaccine researchers and HIV experts globally with a platform to collaborate on studies and hypotheses. It makes data available faster than existing publication venues and facilities quick and targeted searching.

General Electric's Performance Development (PD@GE) has replaced the traditional annual employee review with the capability to give feedback and evaluations in real time.

Kinduct is a platform used by the National Basketball Association to customize data for professional athletes. Performance statistics and recommendations for training can be accessed easily.

... to Utilizing Artificial Intelligence ...

Several companies have worked out an innovative method of allowing businesses to utilize AI in everyday business life. Clara, for example, is an AI bot that can facilitate meetings by checking with all participants to find the optimal time. Users of Slack Platform can adapt bots for improvements in productivity across teams.

... To Designing Robots ...

One choice, the company Wevolver, allows consumers to build several technology innovations themselves.

As Fast Company points out, 3D printers, which are needed to print objects, are often expensive. This effectively restricts them to institutional use. Wevolver has several models available.

In one article, the developer of an SLS printer says "I am 17 years old and made everything myself." (Users can hover over the available products for a description of developers and "makers" - those who have followed the instructions.) Can you say "entrepreneurs of tomorrow"?

Wevolver offers robots for both company and do-it-yourself potential. Several look like the classic robots featured in Hollywood fare, like Robot and Frank. But several look like the natural objects they replicate. The Robotic Fish, for example, looks like a carp and is constructed of PVC pipe. It will be equipped with cameras and sensors to enable it to explore underwater life.

The company Tech Will Save Us partnered with the BBC last year to teach more than 1 million children how to make and code specific objects. Students could make and code anything from a night light to a step counter for Pokémon.

... to More and More and More

Some of the platforms are innovative only in the sense that they offer more data than was once available. The online platforms of both New York's Metropolitan Museum and the Metropolitan Opera, for example, make the list. Both have digitized their art and made it available in an easily accessible and searchable form, from Old Masters paintings to performances of past opera singers.

Others have added a new wrinkle to technology that has been available for some time. Avametric, for example, allows consumers to virtually try on clothes. The innovative addition is a body scan than allows the customer's real measurements to be reflected.

Technology innovation marches on in both breadth and depth in this last-quarter view of 2016's innovation leaders. Stay tuned!