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If you're going to use remote workers in your company, you want to hire people who actually are remote and who can work remotely.

It doesn't make much sense to "go remote" and then hire local people. One of the biggest benefits of using a remote workforce is to gain access to the best talent wherever they may be in the entire world.

Just as you need to create a remote environment using a great software platform, you need to actually seek out remote workers for your company to allow remote working to achieve its benefits.

There are two important things to consider:

1. Hire people who already have remote working experience.

Not everyone can be a remote worker. If someone doesn't have any remote working experience, think long and hard about hiring that person. His or her lack of experience working remotely may be as important as that person lacking some other skill.

Remote workers know their work style, their rhythms, how to self start, how to stay on task and how to stay inspired. Basically, they will do a better job working remotely.

2. Find workers who are already remote.

There are some good job board that cater to remote workers. WeWorkRemotely.com and Angel.co allow you to post jobs for people who are specifically interested in remote work. Both of these websites cater to startups, so the people you will find are probably very flexible with how they approach the work environment..

When you have a remote workforce, by their nature you have workers who are more flexible in how they approach work and the work day. By intentionaly hiring remote workers, you can simply get the high-performers who can get stuff done.