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Remote working can transform any business. Thanks to technology, people with similar interests no longer have the barrier of location to keep them from collaborating together.

But there are several things to take into consideration before embracing remote working.

1. Internet Access

The most important thing you need for a remote workforce is internet access. Whether you're hosting a webinar, sharing documents or moderating a meeting, you need a high-speed connection.

Internet access is almost never a problem in big cities, but in more remote locations it can be a problem. In some countries, internet access is still spotty. Before embracing remote work, make sure your employees have the connection you need.

2. Agree on collaboration software

Collaboration software will give your team a place to track tasks, store files, schedule meetings and document decisions. There are a lot of great tools out there but you must commit to using them. If some of your remote workers don't use the platform you provide or don't understand how it works, your team will be much less efficient.

3. A good workspace

Remote workers need an appropriate workspace. Hosting a video conference call with dogs barking in the background usually sends the wrong message. If you're giving a presentation, sometimes it helps to have a separate monitor for your notes and a separate telephone line to ensure a clear connection.

4. The right personality

Working remotely is generally not something you can fake doing well. You either like working on your own, or you don’t. You either have the discipline or you don’t. Remote working isn't for everyone and not everyone can do it efficiently.

For many businesses, integrating remote working can add a lot of value: you can hire the best person for the job regardless of location and your employees can have a more flexible lifestyle. The key is finding the right people and providing the right conditions.